Why Cebu?

Perhaps because the island is naturally situated to become the center of all this action.

It is a natural port. More than 80% of inter-island shipping capacity is based here, on this small island. It is the most accessible place to and from all points in the country, with more domestic air and sea linkages than even Manila. It is naturally safe. It does not lie within any earthquake zone or typhoon belt. There are no volcanoes on the island.

It has the necessary, well-balanced infrastructure to remain competitive, and to sustain development. And yet, within minutes from its cosmopolitan quarters, you are immediately transported to resort settings and natural wonders.

Most of all, because of its PEOPLE. An independent, self-reliant, entrepreneurial culture pervades the island, which makes its people eminently positioned to seize the opportunities that nature presented it.

We have a highly educated workforce geared towards non-agricultural lines, the reason why Cebu has become the center of global attention for services and information technology.

We are naturally peaceful. We have among the lowest crime rates, and the best peace and order records of all cities and provinces in the Philippines. Why Cebu? The Island. Its People. We have had four centuries of being discovered by the world. And we invite you to discover today - this island, this people.

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